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History Establishment SPACE Forces National Cooperative Malaysia Berhad or SPACE is the apex cooperative protect all types of primary cooperatives and upper secondary in the country. SPACE is recognized by the Government as a body representing the Malaysia Co-operative Movement at national and international levels. SPACE was founded by the Cooperative Movement in the country through the First Co-operative Congress in 1966 and the Second Co-operative Congress in 1971. Established and officially registered on 12 May 1971. SPACE governed cooperative manner but not engaged in business activities like other cooperatives. As an apex cooperative ideals they fought and to the interests of the Cooperative Movement in the country.

1. Consolidate cooperatives in Malaysia so as to protect and uphold the rights and interests of the cooperative movement.
2. Representing the cooperative movement at national and international levels.
3. Implement cooperative education program and the concepts and principles of cooperatives among Malaysians.
4. To diversify the services that are affordable by SPACE to assist the operation and administration of cooperatives.

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