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It is an apex institution of the state of Himachal Pradesh in the field of handloom & handicrafts. Popularly known as HIMBUNKAR, was registered on 20th January 1984 by the name of the H.P. State handloom weavers Apex Cooperative Society Ltd. In order to provide a state level forum to the primary handloom cooperative societies working in different parts of the state. The headquarter of the society was kept at Kullu in a view of the concentration of weavers and the large number of registered weaver societies working in the area. In 2007, the name of the apex society was change to the “THE H.P.STATE HANDLOOM AND HANDICRAFTS DEVELOPMENT COOPERATIVE FEDERATION LTD”.

The cooperative society in general and the cooperative societies in particular, have a vital role to play in the Endeavour of raising the standard of living of weaker sections of society and rejuvenating the rural economy of India. So the contemporary relevance of a study on apex weaver society in a hilly state like Himachal Pradesh is evident from this strategy of decentralized growth being emphasized in the five year plans.
Hinbunkar is a traditional heritage of Himalayas .Handloom Mark, India handloom brand Geographical indication (Kullu Shawls )

“HIMBUNKAR” is a state level APEX organization of primary cooperative societies consisting of weavers and artisans engaged in production of handicraft woven on handloom as well as Eco-Friendly others like woodcraft, leather, embroidery, woolen, carpets of Tibetan pattern artistically stitched rumals and shawls of chamba, decorative wooden pieces, grass shoes, Himachali caps , made-ups, embroidered ladies suits, shawls.

Himbunkar provides training .technical knowhow, raw material and avenues for marketing to artisans members of 314 affiliated cooperative societies out of which 89 are exclusively of rural women artisans. These functions of himbunkar pave way for economic amelioration of rural artisans and help in earning to their livelihood through utilization of time spared from agricultural activities particularly during the winter season when the areas remain snow clad for months together. The production and marketing of Himachali craft products is helping in preservation and upkeep of the age old tradition of art, heritage and local culture interlaid also trying to mix-up the latest technology, taste and needs, color mixing awareness of modern era.



Street Address: Himbunkar Bhawan, NH - 21,
Additional Address: Kullu
City: Bhuntar
Province: Himachal Pradesh
Country: India
Zip Code: 175125

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