Nuapatna Sarees

Woven by the weavers of Nuapatna region in Cuttack district, the Khandua saree is the pride of Odisha & is a perfect blend of tradition & trends. The origin dedicated to Lord Jagannath of Puri is evident with the traditional art pieces woven into it, while the geometric patterns indicate a blend of modern trends. While traditionally the motifs from mythological stories of Lord Jagannath like Gita govind etc were woven on Khadua sarees the weavers have also adopted the Sambalpuri Ikat motifs into their creations. The Ikat weaving technique in weft with a blend of cotton in the borders is the speciality of Khandua sarees. Shop for a wide range of Khandua / Nuapatna ikat sarees from Odisha.